Union Printing

We are proud to be a Union shop with members of the Chicago Typographical Union No. 16/CWA 14408. We know that the strength of unions lies in their brotherhood and solidarity. Union members support each other and stand behind all Union affiliates in good times and in bad. The union label assures you that the workers who produced your job are capable skilled union craftsman and that every phase of the job has been done under union conditions.

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Grace Printing & Mailing understands tight time frames and budgets in political races. With 18 years in printing business, we have streamlined our process to meet those requirements. Whether your needs are from concept, to production or fulfillment, we are ready to get your message to the voters. From letters, contribution envelopes, reply cards, fundraising invitations, brochures, banners, yard signs, window signs and newsletters, Grace Printing & Mailing is your true one-stop union printing company.

Q. What does it mean to be a union and political print shop?

A. Those involved in print communications were some of the first in the U.S. to become unionized. Today, less than 10% of the printing workforce is part of a union. However, for Grace Printing & Mailing, making a commitment to quality product standards, and top of the line working conditions and benefits, is integral to what we do.

Q. What does this mean for you?

A. This means that if you have Government, City, Political campaign printing, or any other job that requires the Union Bug, we can place our union label (bug) on your print job to inform consumers you printed your piece with a Union Printer. This service is provided at NO EXTRA COST to you. Just let us know you want to add the bug and we will.

Q. Isn’t choosing a Union Printer going to be expensive?

A. On the contrary! Grace Printing & Mailing is all about extremely Low Cost Full Color Printing. We do printing jobs and direct mailing campaigns of all sizes as well as design work for rates that are beyond competitive.

Q. What is the union bug?


Q. Why is the union bug so important?

A. Being a unionized printer is expensive, and carries with in an enormous amount of responsibility towards workers. Few printers are willing to go to this much trouble, but they’d all like to benefit from the great reputation that comes along with union membership. Some printers might even claim to be union when they’re not! However, only union printers can use the Allied Printing Trades Council union label, and it is, therefore, the true mark of a union printer.

Q. So what does this have to do with political printing?

A. Unions and union workers have always been huge supporters of democratic politicians. Candidates running for office, as well as elected officials in need of print materials, show their support of union labor by getting political campaign printing and general work done through union printers like Grace Printing & Mailing

Q. Do we print for political campaigns?

A. Grace Printing & Mailingcan fill all of your political campaign printing needs, such as rack cards, campaign signs, posters, political campaign direct mailing, and much more. From those first postcard direct mailers to the banners at the election celebration, we’ve got you covered on the campaign trail.

Q. Can we design for political campaign printing?

A. Absolutely! Our award-winning design team is all about custom tailoring your political printing in order to take it to the next level. We specialize in full color print design that’s slick, stylish, and guaranteed to make your candidate stand out from the crowd of generic campaign advertising. We can custom tailor all your print material, from political campaign posters and political yard signs to political campaign direct mailing and campaign literature so that everything works together to convey a powerful, cohesive, and unforgettable message.

Q. Your campaign needs to start right now. Can Grace Printing & Mailing make it happen?

A. Our streamlined system is design to make your campaign printing needs happen overnight. Whether you’re looking for political campaign direct mailing, political campaign signs, brochures, bumper stickers, lapel buttons, or all of the above, we can get your candidate on the campaign trail light-years ahead of the competition. And as proud printers of the Allied Printing Trades Council union label, we promise that no matter how fast you need the job done, we’ll make it happen with the standards of quality your candidate represents.