Green Printing

Eco-Friendly “Green” Printing Create eco-friendly Material for Sustainable Marketing

Sustainability is always on our mind. Our exclusive designs and printings should not only help maximizing your company’s success with communication materials, but also minimize the negative effect on mother earth. We developed the process of using toxic-free inks and recycled papers to help with our aim of going green.

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With a certified sustainability practitioner on staff, Grace’s sustainability program documents the resources you save — trees, greenhouse gases (GHG) and energy (BTU’s) — by using our sustainable practices.

It’s not just our 100% toxin-free free inks or our digital press with petroleum free toner, it’s using PPP principles (People, Planet, Profits) to work with your team to reduce paper usage and help you meet your budgetary goals while conscientiously increasing the sustainability of your projects.

From eco-statements that let stakeholders know the strength of your environmental program – “Printed using sustainable processes that saved 1,220 lbs. of CO2 emissions” — to simply using “our” instead of “the” when talking about our environment – sustainability creates a consciousness that will make your organization stronger.