Color Quality & Consistency

Splendid Color and its Reliability

If you are looking for color quality control in Chicago, then Grace Printing & Mailing is the print shop that delivers. G7® qualification makes sure that your Epson proof will match your offset printing product at press. We hold high standards for printing using the latest technology.

Ensuring the best and accurate colors, we use digital print and offset presses that are calibrated based on the standards of G7®. We promise to meet these standards every time.


When matching colors on your printing, mailing and marketing pieces is non-negotiable. G7® standards ensure that we will maintain your level of brand consistency.


  • Color is the primary criteria of customers to accept or reject your product.
  • Color represents the quality and value of a product. Strong hue proves a strong brand.
  • Quality of color makes the product likable and that in turn builds good-fame for your brand.
  • Every Color symbolizes an emotion and you need to ensure that it reflects what your brand speaks about.
  • Consistency in color quality will strengthen the faith in your product.


  • Ease and quickness of design
  • Cut down the proofing costs before shipping
  • There’s no need for on-site press checks, and visual approvals
  • Reduce the waste of time
  • Retains consistency in reprints


  • It’s easy to exchange data, between buyers and sellers.
  • The expectations for supply chain partners is clear
  • Increases efficiency, consistency, and savings
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