Make Important days unforgettable

It might be a Holiday party or a fundraising event for a cause or expressing your condolences or remembering your date with a special one. We create customized calendars and also corporate greetings that convey your expressions and message in the best way possible.

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Add Special Effects to your Expressions

A card should leave a perfect impression of your expression. We have the following add-ons to boost them.

Embossing / Debossing – Theses days, the unique way to pull people’s attention is to have impressed logos, lettering and graphics. We have variety of techniques for our clients that help them create embossed letters and images.

Foil Stamping – Applying heat and pressure on a foil or a metallic gives a custom design on your finished project. It adds grandeur and extra impression. This technique is quite popular now and we are skilled in using its techniques to make a spectacular foil stamp.

Thermographic Raised Ink – This adds great value to any piece especially that with poor or less surface quality. In this technique, sheets are passed through heating units where thermo powder is added on to and melted to ink. This gives a beautiful embossment.